Sawafuji Starter 0350-552-0061

Generac Generators/Hino Eng.                        $750.00

Fits: Hino 28100-1443, 28100-1443A, 28100-1443B, 28100-1443C, 28100-1444, 28100-1444b

Sawafuji  10350-552-0060, 0350-552-0061, 0350-552-0062, 0350-552-0063444, 28100-1444B








This is a Hi-Torque 24 Volt Negative Ground, 11 tooth Drive, CW Rotation, Offset Gear Reduction Starter, that will Replace All Sawafuji Starters with the above listed Part Numbers.

Please allow an additional 2-3 days to your shipping time,Thank-you.