Prestolite MZ-4113 Jeep Willy’s “Conversion”

New High Torque 12Volt                                        $295.95

Conversion Starter, Replaces Older Prestolite Type.



If Your wanting to Convert your 1941-1949 Jeep Willys from it’s Original 6 Volt System to a 12 Volt System. Or if your Jeep has already been converted to a 12 Volt System, Then This High Torque

Starter is a Great Upgrade/Replacement to your older outdated Prestolite type starter. Using the Gear Reduction High Torque 12 Volt Design Starter you will Get FASTER  cranking speeds, easier starting, less current drain on your engine’s battery, more Reliability, the elimination of having to use the front starter support bushing in your

transmission bell housing, And the gear reduction starter is smaller, light weight, is a direct bolt in replacement, and the BEST part is, this  replacement starter is made in the  U S A!


IMG_0848The Picture to the right show’s what the “conversion” starter looks like. Please “click” on the image to see a  larger View. This is the starter that you will receive when you order the 12 Volt “conversion”  replacement for the Prestolite/Autolite MZ-4113, 46-29. If you have any questions PLEASE contact us before ordering. This replacement starter can be “wired” up using a remote mounted solenoid (with a key ignition switch or push button) or the floor mounted starter switch. We can help you with how to make the electrical connection which ever way you decide. It’s very EASY!


We also carry the older 6 Volt Autolite/Prestolite starter (pictured at top of this page) in stock, Please inquire about price and current availability.