Prestolite MBG-4141

High Torque Replacement Starter!                        $295.95

Made in America.

Older Version Starter Pictured Above.                                        





Various Agriculture and Industrial applications with Wisconsin Engines.

Voltage:      12 volt          Rotation:   CCW

Teeth #:      10T              Teeth OD:    36.8mm

Reference#: Prestolite MBG4141, MBG4140, Delco 10461710









This is a High Torque offset Gear Reduction Starter that was made to replace the older version Prestolie,Delco direct drive starters.(Older version starter pictured at top of page) The New Gear Reduction starters weigh less,Are Smaller, Turn the Engine faster,Have more Torque (Power),And take less Current (Amps) from the Battery then the Older Direct Drive version starters.The Front Drive End Housing does Rotate 360 degrees, so fit and tight places are easly adjusted for!!

The older Version Starters are still available,Please contact us for current price and availability.