John Deere Tractor & Skidster 5200-5400 Valeo 187031, D7R14

New Heavy Duty Starter !                                                $290.95

Heavy Duty replacement for the Valeo units.

This starter is longer then the Valeo unit,make sure you have enough room to install into your equipment!








Voltage:   12volt        KW:  2.8 kw       Rotation: CW        Teeth:  10     Pinion OD:  32mm    

 Length:  9 3/8″ flange to end frame     Weight:  16lbs.

John Deere RE19275, RE49033, RE501157, RE505746, RE516157, RE54092, RE68470, TY24438, TY6688, TY6719

John Deere RE501680, RE501693, RE502156, RE502196, RE60641, RE63010