Delco Remy Alternator 28SI 180Amp 8600454,8600223


28SI                                                                     $ 389.95

Delco Remy 28SI™ High Output Alternator – 160, 180, 200 Amps
The 28SI high output alternator was developed and built  for vehicles that require higher electrical output, but also want lower weight, improved temperature capability, and fuel savings.  Vehicles, such as school buses,and heavey duty trucks not using a premium high output alternator like the Delco Remy 28si  will likely experience premature failures due to high under-hood engine temperatures.We carry this unit in New Original Delco Remy don’t rely on cheap imatations.

This is a 4 Terminal unit, “B+” Terminal, “I” Terminal, “R” Terminal, GND. Bolt

The illustration on this page is a representation of what the unit looks like,but is not the actual unit.

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